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Modern production agriculture and agribusiness bring a dizzying array of engineering problems, enough to baffle even the most astute manager. Faced with tough capital improvement decisions, tight budgets, deadlines, confusing claims by suppliers, rapidly changing technology and government regulations, it’s little wonder farmers, stockmen and agribusinessmen clench their fists and ask, “Who can help me make the right decisions?”

We can. Agricultural Engineering Associates. That’s our business. Our company was formed to fill the void for independent, objective, technical engineering services at the production agriculture grassroots, as well as sophisticated research, demonstration or test facilities. We’ve defined the services most needed and beneficial to our clientele, and geared our company to provide them.

We’re a staff of graduate agricultural engineers, most with advanced degrees, and equally important, we have solid ag production backgrounds. We grew up, and still live, on farms. That means we can provide good communication and common sense about agriculture, which are both critical in efficiently solving your ag engineering problems.

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