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EW Nutrition is a fast growing company, globally active with a strong science based product portfolio in the field of functional and innovative feed & food additives.

Its current product portfolio includes Functional Egg Proteins (Globimax), Toxin Solutions(Mastersecure), Secondary Plant Compounds-Essential Oils (Activo), MOS (Bgmos), Probiotics(Progressive), Silage lnoculants (Stabilac), Antioxidants (Santoquin-Agrado Plus) and a wide range of Specialties (Agrochemica & Humavet).

With a clear commitment to research & development, EW Nutrition develops functional innovations for current and future challenges of the global feed and food industry. The company pursues its vision by supplying solutions to reduce antibiotic usage, lower inputs for more sustainable production, support animal health and welfare, reduce the CO2 output of food production and increase producer profitability.

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