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If you had a foot injury, would you like to wear a cheap wooden, plastic, or rubber shoe?…

Neither do lame cows.

The Smart Block is the smart solution for healing lame cows faster. These comfortable, durable, and manure-pump friendly blocks have completely revolutionized hoof health care on dairy farms all over the world. The Smart Block provides accelerated healing and delivers the comfort lame cows deserve throughout their journey back to optimal health and production.

In five short years, The Smart Block has grown from a product to a solid & trusted brand that has developed a full line of blocks to address any and every type of hoof injury or issue that cows acquire everyday on the farm including the first non-wooden BIODEGRADABLE blocking option available today.

Farmers who pride themselves in true animal welfare recognize the importance of cow comfort, sustainability, and the pride of an American made quality solution for their lame cows. The Smart Block has quickly become that “go-to” tool for dairy farmers and hoof-trimmers not only in the US, but across the globe.

Our product line consists of: The Original Smart Block, Smart Thins, ECO/Smart Block PINK, and The Smart BIO Block.

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