Breakout Sessions

Location: Convention Center Meeting Rooms 13-14

Sponsored by Kent Nutrition Group

We will discuss the need to meet energy requirement in newborn to 6-week old calves.  The requirement for energy changes with weather, the type and age of calves, housing and other stresses.  Meeting the energy requirements of new born calves to 6 weeks of age is critical to healthy fast growing calves.

Osmolality is very critical to proper absorption of nutrients and reducing scours.  We will review the importance how it influences scours.  Getting the best absorption of nutrients results in the best performance.  Come listen and learn how to get the most from your calves.

Dr. R.M. Thornsberry

Dr. Thornsberry graduated from the University of Missouri, College of Veterinary Medicine, in May of 1977, completing his 42nd year of food animal practice in 2019.  Dr. Thornsberry classifies himself as a country practitioner with a love for food, animal medicine and management.  Dr. Thornsberry owned and managed a preconditioning feedlot for 18 years in southern Missouri.  Dr. Thornsberry currently travels the United States providing veterinary consulting services to the dairy calf feedlot sector of the U.S. beef industry.  He has recently authored the sixth edition of his Dairy Calf Production Protocol book, a reference for calf raisers for dairy calf production systems from birth to 300 pounds.

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