Breakout Sessions

Location: Convention Center Meeting Rooms 1-2

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The effects of birth, pre- and post-weaning performance and environment on production and longevity of cows later in life has become the focus of intense research in recent years. Here we will present examples of the positive effects of colostrum, early identification, and treatment of diseases, accelerated early growth during weaning, post-weaning and adulthood. Most importantly, we describe how producers can achieve elevated performance in their calves to see these benefits in the long-term, while also discussing potential risks in this investment.

Joao Costa

Joao Costa is an Assistant Professor in the Dairy Program at the University of Kentucky, where he leads a research program on precision dairy farming, dairy cattle nutrition, management and welfare. After completing an Agricultural Engineering. and a Masters degree at his home university in Brazil, Joao completed his PhD and Post-doctoral studies at UBC in Vancouver, Canada ,prior to joining the University of Kentucky in 2017. Dr. Costa has extensively investigated the effects of nutrition and housing on dairy calf performance during early life.

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