Breakout Sessions

Location: Convention Center Meeting Rooms 8-9

Sponsored by Feedworks

Fiber in ruminant nutrition is a sophisticated and ever-evolving topic, but nutritional and technological advances are presenting new opportunities to unlock the energy potential of fiber and maximize nutritional value – thereby improving feed efficiency, performance and profits. During the breakout sessions at Central Plains Dairy Expo we will discuss ways to effectively measure fiber and maximizing its benefits in dairy diets.

Ralph Ward

Ralph Ward

Ralph Ward is the founder and owner of CVAS, a well recognized laboratory providing forage and feed evaluation services in the U.S. and globally for the past 25 years. With a background in dairy production and nutritional services, Mr. Ward has focused on the development of analysis systems for forage quality determination and modeling in dairy rations. His current focus is improving starch digestibility methods, developing systems to understand forage and feed fragility and continuing to develop an international network of forage evaluation laboratories. Mr. Ward currently serves as president of the National Forage Testing Association.


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