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Location: Convention Center Meeting Rooms 13-14

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“The Total Dairy Makeover From An HR Perspective” is not about:

  • New robots
  • Building new barns
  • Replacing employees
  • Loan renewal
  • New technology

It’s about getting excited about the people on your dairy and how it results in profitability!

Dairies are about people at their core but as an industry little has been done to work with Dairies on how to become better at leading people.

Technical knowledge, great equipment and latest technologies are all great tools but it takes engaged people and a positive workplace to really capitalize on them.

Cows are obviously important, but they are all taken care of by people and if dairies don’t learn how to better engage, motivate and reward their employees they will never be as profitable as they could be.

Bruce Vande Steeg  focuses on the owners and management and has some easy steps dairies can take to become more profitable with engaged employees.

Vande Steeg is an  engaging speaker who brings a lot of practical insights when it comes to dairies.  He has owned and operated a large western dairy, has been in farming and has also seen the industry from the perspective of a veterinarian as well as from the viewpoint of big pharma.

The milc group is a California-based company that brings innovation to the dairy industry through technology, HR Solutions and education. It’s philosophy “You feed the world. We nourish your business” is at the core of all resources that milc group brings to the market.

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