Breakout Sessions

Location: Convention Center Meeting Rooms 8-9

Sponsored by United Animal Health

This session will introduce the new health-directed microbial strategy, Strateris™ ECL from United Animal Health. It will include an overview of the results of United’s nationwide surveillance program evaluating the pathogen loads across the major dairy-producing regions in the US as well as by stage of lactation. The session will also review the results of several case studies as well as the overall meta-analysis of the herds that have evaluated Strateris™ ECL from across the country, including some that have been feeding the product for over two years. Members of the United Animal Health research and technical service teams will be in attendance to answer any questions related to our pathogen and microbial evaluation technologies and programmed feeding approach.

Dr. Christopher Peter

Dr. Christopher Peter is the Manager of Ruminant Nutrition for United Animal Health and is responsible for the research and development of specialty products for all phases of dairy production. Dr. Peter earned his B.S. in Agricultural Economics, M.S. in Ruminant Nutrition, and Ph.D. in Comparative Nutrition from the University of Illinois. He has worked with United Animal Health since 2013 and was previously with BASF Plant Science managing their corn silage development and research platform. Dr. Peter is a member of the American Dairy Science Association, American Society of Animal Science, as well as many other state and local agricultural interest groups.

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