2023 CPDE Expo – March 28-30

2023 Sessions are LINKED HERE with title, sponsor, session time, room and presenter.

Regular Sessions:

When do Robots make Sense?

Panel, Andy Meyer from Richland Dairy, Dan Venteicher from Honey Creek Dairy and Bill Demerath from Demerath Dairy
Sponsored by Gorter’s Clay & Dairy Equipment/Lely

Join us for a live panel at the Expo. Understand the decisions involved in switching to automation.

Trace Mineral Supplementation is NOT for Dummies!

Craig Louder, DVM, Axiota Animal Health, Inc
Sponsored by Axiota Animal Health, Inc

Trace mineral supplementation is critical for reproduction and immunity.  Variations in intakes, different forms of trace minerals, antagonism, and management practices of dairy cattle all add to an apparent moving target on making sure cows get the minerals they need, when they need them.  This presentation will discuss these hurdles as well as strategic methods of monitoring and overcoming them so that dairy cows can achieve maximum efficiency.

Common Stressor that Cause Inflammation and Potential Dietary Strategies to Manage it

Lance Baumgard, Iowa State University
Sponsored by United Animal Health

There are multiple on farm scenarios that can directly or indirectly damage an animal’s rumen and intestines. These stressors include heat, pen moves, rumen acidosis, over-crowding, dry-off, transportation, the transition period etc… A compromised rumen and intestine barrier results in an immune response and an activated immune system requires a lot of energy and nutrients; nutrients that could have otherwise been used for productive purposes.  There are multiple strategies nutritionists and producers can use to minimize the negative consequences of gut-derived inflammation and these possible tactics will be covered in this presentation.

Maximizing raw material utilization and feed efficiency

Dr. Amanda Gehman
Sponsored by Alltech

In a time when ingredients are getting more difficult to come by, join Alltech to learn how to maximize your raw materials. Dr. Holder will also explain the difference between yeasts and the feed efficiency benefits they can provide to your herd.

Bacteria: The Key to Healthy Cows

Craig Lauder, DCM, Axiota Animal Health, Inc
Sponsored by Axiota Animal Health, Inc

Feeding cows is really about feeding the bacteria.  Making sure that the correct bacteria are able to flourish is the key to allowing successful transitions throughout the cow’s lifetime.  Whether transitioning from milk to grain as a calf, or from the close-up ration to the lactating cow ration, these critical dietary changes impact the performance of the cows.  Understanding how these bacterial populations interact with each other and influence the environment of the rumen is the key to successful transitions.

A Global Perspective on Sustainability: Opportunities and Definitions

Fabian Bernal M.S., PAS, DeLaval Group
Sponsored by DeLaval Group

Join Fabian Bernal, DeLaval’s Head of Sustainability, to learn more about new developments impacting the way we view sustainability. Fabian will dive into how the dairy industry is taking action and implementing intriguing tactics to help move toward a more sustainable world.

Transition cow management: Solutions for dry matter intake to enhance colostrum, health, and productivity

Gustavo Schuenemann, DVM, MS, PhD.
Sponsored by Jefo

Let’s focus on practical solutions for dry matter intake in transition dairy cows to improve colostrum (quality and quantity) and overall animal health and productivity. Don’t miss this occasion to learn more about key prepartum opportunities to improve calf and cow performance!

Next generation of dairy insights

Stephanie De Vries, Farm Performance Consultant
Sponsored by VAS

Join VAS as we unveil the next generation of dairy insights, equipping you with new tools to make cost-effective decisions on your farm. Insights like HealthVAL give you visibility into diseases affecting your herd using the data you already track. Benchmark success against peers, receive real-time alerts and evaluate profit loss associated with health events. This allows you to implement new strategies and protocols for avoiding or treating specific illnesses. Make data-driven, profitable decisions on your dairy and carry your operation into the next generation with HealthVAL and other Insights available on VAS PULSE Platform.

Dairy Margin Outlook and Strategies to Consider

Jeff Toll
Sponsored by CIH – Commodity & Ingredient Hedging

Let’s take a look at the underlying fundamentals of feed and dairy markets, an outlook of forward margins and strategies (e.g., cash, futures/options, DRP) one may wish to consider given today’s agricultural landscape.

Dairy Checkoff Taste and Learn Experience

Molly Pelzer, CEO  Midwest Dairy
Sponsored by Midwest Dairy

Midwest Dairy, your local checkoff organization, in partnership with Dairy Management Incorporated, invites you to join us for a taste and learn experience showcasing checkoff’s investments in research, insights, and innovation to bring new dairy foods to the consumer marketplace to impact dairy sales and trust.  In this session participants will hear from Molly Pelzer, CEO of Midwest Dairy, as well food scientists and staff who work behind the scenes with partners to bring the new products to life. The taste and learn experience will feature brands and new products launched with partners over the past year.

Reducing Pathogen Loads in Recycled Manure Solids Used as Dairy Bedding

Ben Saylor, PhD, PAS
Sponsored by ARM & HAMMER

Using a targeted Bacillus product, ARM & HAMMER has developed a natural solution for application to recycled manure solids when used as dairy bedding, to prevent the outgrowth of mastitis-causing pathogens. Field trials with the product on dairy farms across the country have shown a reduction in pathogen loads, SCC, and incidence of mastitis. Dr Ben Saylor, Dairy Technical Services Manager, will present the findings from the on-farm trials showing how the Bacillus product can mitigate some of the concerns typically associated with the use of recycled manure solids.

Sustainability: not one-size-fits-all and what consumers really think!

Dr. Marissa Hake
Sponsored by Techmix Global

Sustainability continues to be a buzzword within the dairy industry and among consumers, but for farmers sustainability efforts are not one size fits all. We will be discussing how farmers start thinking about sustainability solutions and what consumers are really saying.

Managing Transition Cow Inflammation on the Farm

Barry Bradford, PhD
Sponsored by Phibro Animal Health

Post-calving inflammation is increasingly recognized as a common condition in dairy cattle as well as other species. Although inflammation is associated with disease and therefore typically viewed as a negative, it has important roles in regulating physiology. In this presentation, we’ll dive into the causes, implications, and management options for postpartum inflammation, including new information on transition cow status on midwestern dairy farms.

Set yourself up for success: How to retain, engage and empower employees

Peggy Coffeen
Sponsored by Golden Calf Company

Milkers that don’t show up for their shift. Phone calls in the middle of the night. A revolving door of employees. These days, the stress for many dairy owners and managers isn’t coming from the cows. Their greatest challenge is managing people. But if you are ready to make management easier, so you can step out of the day-to-day grind and put your time and energy into the places, projects and people who will move your business forward, this session is for you. Peggy Coffeen, host of the Uplevel Dairy Podcast shares five key takeaways from top dairy managers who have cracked the code on employee retention, engagement and empowerment.

Making the most efficient milk: a proven concept to produce more without breaking the bank.

Dr. Andre Pereira
Sponsored by Land O’Lakes/Purina Animal Nutrition

When it comes to efficiency, one thing is certain: the more milk a cow makes per lb of feed intake, the more efficient she will be with your money and time. Several products, management strategies, single additives, and alteration of stocking density, may promise that on paper, but can’t deliver in real life. High levels of efficiency can only be achieved with the right combination of specialty additives that increase rumen fermentation, intestinal absorption of feed nutrients, and, in consequence, delivers more nutrients to the mammary gland for milk production. In this talk, we will explain how EfficienZ, a combination of specialty fermentation products, can increase milk production without affecting your feed bill. We will also prove how tens of thousands of cows in the country have shown positive returns when fed EfficienZ.

Mycoplasma, the Cunning Chameleon

Dr. Matt Boyle
Sponsored by Zoetis

This talk will focus on the insidious, progressive nature of BRD caused by Mycoplasma bovis in calves.  The way that this bug evades the immune system, compounded with the ability of calves to hide early signs of pneumonia, often leaves us behind the eight ball when these calves are eventually identified as needing treatment.  Dr. Boyle will discuss new information that provides a pathway for effective immunization against this troubling bug through novel vaccine technology.

 Calf Care Seminar: Common problems that challenge your calf program when protocols drift

Mario Solis Flores
Sponsored by Form-A-Feed

Protocol drift is one of the main enemies of a consistently successful calf raising program. There are several common pitfalls that dairy farms find themselves in that lead to poor calf health and well-being. This will be a very practical seminar on management and labor practices that your farm needs to pay attention to on a regular basis to ensure excellent calf health and future profitability of your farm. We will focus on topics such as hydration, nutrition, equipment, colostrum, and sick calf identification and care.

The Genetic Fingerprint of Efficient Feed Conversion

Peter Dueppengiesser
Sponsored by STgenetics

Feed cost is the greatest expense on a dairy. Research has established that selection can be made for feed conversion using residual feed intake and comparing to performance. STgenetics has developed Ecofeed® as a feed conversion index to identify animals with superior feed conversion. Join us as we discuss the recent advancements in Ecofeed® on dairy and beef x dairy applications and share how Ecofeed® can improve the overall sustainability of the dairy industry while positively impacting dairy producer’s bottom line.

TMR fermentation characteristics of top-producing herds with over 7 lbs of components

Kai Yuan, Ph.D., PAS
Sponsored by Quality Liquid Feeds

Are there any common TMR fermentation patterns among top producing herds? By using Fermentrics Technology, we collected TMR samples from over 10 top-producing herds in the Midwest, and evaluated the fermentation traits. Dr. Kai will share the key common findings from these top herds. You will learn about the most important on-farm nutritional factors that contribute to the success of high milk component yields.

The Changing Tide of Terms and Conditions in Insurance Coverage
Allen Schlenker
Sponsored by March McLennan Agency

As we all know, the recent widespread derechos are having a major impact on the agricultural community. Coupled with the current state of inflation, the question of “Do I have enough insurance?” continues to be a topic of great concern. The time to find out if you have enough insurance, is not at the time of loss. Being underinsured can have a significant negative impact on your dairy’s financial viability. In this session, learn what is driving significant changes in the “terms” of your insurance contract, emerging trends in renewals and what questions to ask of your agent about options.

Dairy market outlook: consumers take the wheel
Ben Laine
Sponsored by Farm Credit

Consumer demand will play a critical role in driving dairy markets and milk prices, especially when milk production growth is limited. Prepare for the future by understanding how recession risk and inflation could drive markets in the near term and how an aging U.S. population will shape the demand for milk components in the decades ahead.

Dairy markets from a global viewpoint
Mary Ledman
Sponsored by Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative

Farmers’ milk checks are dependent on dozens of factors, many of which they have no control over. Hear from a leading global dairy strategist about what is happening here in the United States and globally, which will affect farmers’ bottom lines in the immediate and long term.

Dairy in the next 10 years: Perspectives from farmers and processors
Sponsored by Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative

Start to list the challenges facing dairy farmers and your head begins to spin. Challenges include labor issues, oscillating commodity markets, global pressures, policy and regulatory challenges, etc. There are certainly hurdles present. Yet, there remains an abundance of opportunities. Listen to leading U.S. dairymen and women share their perspectives on where the biggest challenges and opportunities lie.

Reducing pathogen loads in recycled manure solids used as dairy bedding
Ben Saylor
Sponsored by Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production

Using a targeted Bacillus product, Arm & Hammer has developed a natural solution for application to recycled manure solids when used as dairy bedding, to prevent the outgrowth of mastitis-causing pathogens. Field trials with the product on dairy farms across the country have shown a reduction in pathogen loads, somatic cell count and incidence of mastitis. Ben Saylor will present findings from on-farm trials showing how the Bacillus product can mitigate some of the concerns typically associated with the use of recycled manure solids.

Sustainability for Profit- A Producer Panel
Sponsored by Feedworks USA

Sugar: What’s the ‘sweet spot’?
Rick Lundquist
Sponsored by Westway Feed Products

Notes and observations on feeding dairy rations containing high sugar byproducts and molasses.

Spanish Sessions:

Diez puntos clave para una buena inmunización del ganado lechero (Ten key points for a good immunization of dairy cattle).
Tiago Tomazi
Sponsored by Merck

In this session, we will discuss some fundamentals of immunology, the main routes of vaccine administration, and how vaccines work to help a dairy animal fight infections more quickly and effectively. We will also address key points that you must follow whenever vaccinating calves and cows to improve their immune response against viruses and bacteria that cause infectious diseases.

SPANISH: En esta sesión, discutiremos algunos fundamentos de la inmunología, las principales vías de administración de las vacunas y cómo estos productos actúan para ayudar a un animal lechero a combatir infecciones de manera más rápida y efectiva. También cubriremos los puntos clave que debe seguir al vacunar becerras y vacas para mejorar sus defensas inmunitarias contra virus y bacterias que causan enfermedades infecciosas.


Calidad de leche y Mastitis, soy yo responsable? (Calf health; am I responsible?)
Jorge Luna
Sponsored by Zoetis

The objective of this workshop is to explain why calf health and wellbeing are critical for the consumer and how everybody that works at a dairy has a responsibility in this endeavor. Learn why compliance to calf raising protocols and following basic calf comfort and hygiene guidelines are critical for the calf health, dairy wellbeing and consumer satisfaction. The calf health and wellbeing workshop will focus on easy-to-implement management, basic hygiene practices and monitoring strategies that can significantly improve calf health and wellbeing and improve the quality of replacements.

El objetivo de este taller es explicar porque la salud y el binestar de las becerras son criticas para el consumidor , y como todos los que trabajan en una lecheria son responsables de esta tarea. Aprenda porque seguir los protocolos de recria de becerras, y las reglas basicas de comfort para la becerra y la higuiene son criticas para la salud de las becerras , el bienestar de la lecheria y la satisifaccion del consumidor. El taller de salud y binestar de las becerras se enfocara en practicas de manejo faciles de implementar, practicas basicas de higuiene y estrategias de monitoreo que nos ayudaran a mejorar la salud y el bienestar de las becerras y mejorar la calidad de los remplazos.


Seminario en Crianza de Becerros: Problemas mas comunes que afectan el programa de crianza de becerros cuando los protocolos establecidos se desvian involuntariamente.
Mario Solis Flores
Sponsored by Form-A-Feed

Uno de los principales enemigos para poder mantener consistentemente buenos resultados en la crianza de becerros es la variabilidad involuntaria de los protocolos de crianza de becerros. En las practicas diarias de manejo existen variaciones comunes que presentan diferentes retos en la salud y bienestar de los becerros. Esta es una sesion practica en cuestiones de manejo y laborales que una granja debe de monitorear frecuentemente  para asegurar la salud de sus becerros y el futuro rentable de la granja. Nos concentraremos en las areas de hidratacion, nutricion, equipo, calostro, e identificacion de becerros enfermos.


Herramientas visuales de capacitación en las lecherías para motivar y retener a los empleados

On-farm visual training tools to motivate and retain employees
Jorge Delgado
Sponsored by Alltech
Jorge Delgado, Experto en Desarrollo de Talento de Alltech, explicará cómo crear y utilizar las herramientas necesarias para capacitar y retener a los empleados en su lechería. Algunas de estas herramientas incluirán carteles de capacitación, protocolos personalizados, el uso de animaciones y videos que son fáciles de usar y motivan a sus trabajadores a aprender.

Alltech Talent Development Expert Jorge Delgado will explain how to create and use the tools necessary to train and retain employees on your dairy. These tools will include training posters, custom protocols and the use of animations and videos that are easy to use and motivate workers to learn.


¿Que te dicen los números sobre el manejo de tu rebaño lechero?
What do the numbers tell you about managing your dairy herd?
Patricia Villamediana and Maristela Rovai

Las buenas prácticas son una herramienta para garantizar la salud del rebaño, los índices reproductivos, el bienestar animal, la eficiencia de ordeño, y consecuentemente la mejora de la eficiencia productiva del rebaño lechero. Los números o índices nos ayudan a identificar las fortalezas y debilidades de las diferentes áreas del nuestro plan de manejo. En esta sesión, se revisarán los parámetros productivos que aseguran la sanidad animal, la calidad de la leche, el bienestar del trabajador, y la rentabilidad de la granja.
Esta sesión será en español.
Good management practices guarantee herd health, reproductive performance, animal welfare, milking efficiency, and consequently, the improvement of the productive efficiency of the dairy herd. The numbers or benchmarks help us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the different areas of our management plan. This session will review the productive parameters that ensure animal health, milk quality, worker well-being, and farm profitability.
This session will be offered in Spanish.

Ed Shed Sessions:

NEW at Expo 2023!

Come visit the Ed Shed for these quick 30-minute informative information sessions.

Transition Cow Success:  Technologies and Economics
William A Zimmer, DVM
Sponsored by Bio-Vet, Inc.

Learn about important considerations for cows as they calve, the economics of decisions made around calving time, and examples of technologies dairy managers may choose to utilize. Showcasing:  Oral calcium supplements.

Manage heat stress to improve milk production and profitability
Tim Thompson
Sponsored by Cargill

Heat stress happens. But significant losses in production don’t have to follow. Tim Thompson will bust common myths around heat stress and share tips to help cows better tolerate heat. Through his discussion of different on-farm management practices and feed additive solutions, you’ll learn how to help your cows, and wallet, recover more quickly from the impacts of heat stress during the summer months.

Recent practical impacts of rumen-protected B vitamins in the Upper Midwest
Gerald “Jerry” Mechor
Sponsored by Jefo Nutrition

Scientific, but practical, with applied economic response to the physiology of your cows, let’s get informed about the biological importance of B vitamins in ruminants and recent field-proven results in Upper Midwest dairies. Rumen-protected B vitamins are one of your next steps in growth. Don’t miss your chance to learn about it. It’s never too early!

Non-antibiotic alternatives that work for raising healthy calves
David P. Casper
Sponsored by Ralco

In June, a new regulation – known as GFI 263 – will require previous over-the-counter antibiotics used in livestock to have a prescription from a licensed veterinarian. Keeping animals healthy naturally is more important now than ever before. Learn about non-antibiotic solutions to keep calves healthy and thriving.

Nutritional strategies to address emerging challenges with beef x dairy calves
Michael A. Ballou
Sponsored by MB Nutritional Sciences, LLC

Fly control: An integrated pest management approach for dairy facilities
Christy Jones
Sponsored by MGK