2022 CPDE Expo – March 30


Ag Prayer Breakfast for 2022

6:15 AM – Doors Open to the Sanford Premier Center
6:20 AM – Breakfast Buffet Service
7:00 AM – Program Begins

CPDE Prayer Breakfast headliner to share her grief journey

You may know Erin Mosley as an independent consultant with GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC, who focuses on using software and technology to aid in evaluating feed and cow health data to help identify key areas of opportunity for production, health and financial improvement. She earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science/science and technology from the University of Tennessee, master’s degree in dairy cattle nutrition from Clemson University and doctorate degree from the University of Idaho. Her research focused on nutrition and lactation physiology.

But there’s a lot more to Erin’s story than academic degrees and dairy cattle nutrition. Erin and her husband, Sam, have four children – Louisa, Eleanor, Walter, and Beatrice. In September of 2016, their lives were forever changed – after a traffic accident ultimately took the lives of their two oldest daughters. Erin will share her grief journey and the testing of her faith when God’s answer to her prayers was “No.”

Musical support by Cornerstone Quartet

Cornerstone Quartet

From left: Myron Hulstein, Ron Christians, Koni De Kam, Jim Knips, and Kent Van’t Hof.

The Cornerstone Quartet, a men’s ensemble from the Leota, Minn., area, will provide the music at the Ag Prayer Breakfast. The group has been together for about  fourteen  years but has only done a few engagements the last 2 years because of covid. Members of the group are.

Kent Van’t Hof—sings Bass.  Kent farms with his Dad near Leota and works as a sales person for John Deere in Edgerton, Minn. Kent and Nikki live in Edgerton and attend the First Presbyterian Church in Edgerton. Kent  started singing with his family at an early age and joined the Leota Male Chorus as a teenager.

Ron Christians— sings Baritone. Ron occasionally plays bass guitar with the  group. Ron and Ava farm near Kenneth, Minn. They had  Dutchline Dairy until recently when they sold the cows and started a custom chopping business with their son, Lee. Ron and Ava attend Ebenezer Christian Reformed Church. Ron and Lee also sang in Leota Male Chorus for several years.

Myron Hulstein— sings Lead (Melody). Myron occasionally plays guitar with the group. Myron and Mavis live in Leota. They farm and custom raise dairy heifers for dairies in Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota. They attend Ebenezer CRC in Leota. Myron sang in a gospel quartet in Ontario, Calif., for six years and sang in the Male Chorus.

Jim Knips — sings Tenor. Jim, of Leota, sells Pioneer seed corn and also farms. Jim and Kathy attend the First Presbyterian church in Lismore. Jim started his singing and musical career with Christian folk group called The Joy Folk sponsored by St. Paul Campus Ministeries.

Koni De Kam—Accompanist and singer. Koni has accompanied the group for four and a half years. She is a maternal flight nurse for Sanford Hospital. Koni and Bryan attend First Reformed Church in Edgerton. Koni started playing piano at a young age and is a pianist for First Reformed Church and also fills in for numerous other churches in the Edgerton area.

Can you help SPONSOR the Ag Prayer Breakfast?

This event can only be held by the gracious and generous sponsors that support the mission of the Ag Prayer Breakfast.  This year the committee is asking for sponsors to donate $500 to the event.  Recognition will be given to sponsors in the Expo Show Magazine, on the stage in the Premier Center where the Ag Prayer Breakfast will be held and on the tables during the event. Recognition will also be on display for both days of the Expo in the Denny Sanford Premier Center.  If you or your company can assist in sponsoring this event please contact Renee@centralplainsdairyexpo.com.