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Agri-Plastics is owned and operated by third generation dairymen. Since then, the
company has strived to design, test and manufacture nothing short of the best when it
comes to calf housing & accessories. By listening to our customers and constantly
developing innovative products, Agri-Plastics has evolved into a world leader for calf
hutches & pens. We carry a variety of indoor & outdoor calf housing as well as accessories:
• Starter Pens • Ultra Flex-Pens • SSL, SL, EXL and Dual XL Calf Hutches • Group Hutch
• Buddy Hutch • Fencing / Containment Accessories • Feeding / Watering Accessories
Rugged Agri-Plastics products are uniquely manufactured to withstand punishing weather
extremes along with everyday wear and tear, calf after calf, year after year. The 10-year warranty
on our calf hutches is proof of our commitment to durability. Because life on a dairy is rough enough,
Agri-Plastics calf hutches are designed for maximum simplicity and ease of use at every stage,
from assembling to cleaning. Begin Strong, Stay Strong.

Agri-Comfort, The Livestock Comfort Specialist: Economic incentives have encouraged
producers to expand herd size; consequently there has been a gradual change from pasture-based
operations to confinement-type housing systems. Advantages include improved access to feed
and water, protection from environmental conditions, and improved hygiene and comfort. With this
criteria in mind, our goal is to provide high quality farm solutions along with effective logistics and
sales channels. We work hard to ensure that dairy producers worldwide have access to the
best products to take your cows to the next level in cow comfort, hoof health and increased
milk production. We carry a variety of proven cow comfort products: Huber Rubber Stall Mattress
Systems and Flooring • Agri-Interlock Rubber Mats • Agri-Grid Bedding Saver Rubber Mats
• Premier Slat Rubber Flooring • Legacy Slat Rubber Flooring • Brisket Board • Comfort Brushes
All Agri-Comfort products are engineered and pretested before we supply them to our customers.
From the raw materials to the factory-backed warranties, we are adamant in our commitment to
durability. From installation to daily maintenance, our products are designed for labor efficiency,
durability and comfort. Your time is valuable, your herd health is an investment. It’s our privilege at
Agri-Comfort to partner in a mutual commitment to success!

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