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We depend on animals for food and for companionship, and Balchem recognizes the impact uniquely tailored nutritional products have on improving health and productivity.
Our growing portfolio of products includes rumen-protected nutrients, chelated trace minerals, and novel processing additives that enhance health across a spectrum of species, including:
Aquaculture | Beef | Companion | Dairy | Equine | Poultry | Swine
From choline production to encapsulation technology, our Animal Nutrition & Health division has spent more than 50 years developing innovative manufacturing and animal nutrient solutions that are scientifically supported and results driven.
In every relationship, we support our partners with:
Real People who have a passion for animal nutrition and know how to address its challenges.
Real Science with some of the most extensively researched success stories in the industry.
Real Results that exceed your expectations for yield and maximize your bottom line.

We started the Real Faces of Dairy project to honor and celebrate the innovators of today’s American dairy industry who are shaping the world for tomorrow. We invite you to join the conversation! Visit us on our website, Facebook, and Instagram.
Balchem is committed to improving the health and productivity of dairy cattle and other dairy ruminants. Our extensive line of specialty nutrient solutions delivers the precision nutrition, gut health, and overall ration improvements
you need for optimum profitability.


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