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Founded in 1991, Bio-Vet products are developed by veterinarians

and Bio-Vet team members. We are a growing business and we

manufacture all of our products in the USA following FDA and AAFCO

regulations. Every product that we manufacture is influenced by

animal science, research, and maximizing the health and productivity

of animals to meet today’s market demands.


Our focus is you and your herd. We offer a line of products to support

your herd’s animal health and productivity through all stages of growth,

production and environmental challenge. Our products are available

in multiple forms such as capsules, boluses, pastes, soluble powders,

electrolytes and daily fed additives.


Bio-Vet direct fed microbial/nutritional products maximize digestive tract

efficiency. Feed is more efficiently converted to resources that are

essential for production and sound body condition. Our product line

is diverse and versatile to fit into any existing program. We encourage

the use of our products as part of a complete management program.

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