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The Bohning Company is a plastics and adhesives manufacturer located in Northern Michigan
for over 75 years. Best known for our bowhunting products, we also manufacture products for
other industries.
Three years ago a local dairy owner and three hoof trimmers approached us with a request –
they wanted a durable synthetic hoof block that would stay on the hoof. The blocks they were
using at the time did not adhere well despite proper preparation. This created extra work for the
trimmers and frustration for the dairies they serve, especially if that block ended up in the
manure pump.
Over the course of several months, our engineers worked with these trimmers to develop
and test a solution – the Bohning Block. Manufactured entirely at the Bohning Company and
officially introduced in October 2020, the Bohning Block ensures great adhesion and durability.
STAYS PUT. Honeycomb pattern creates an ultra-strong bond with the glue and
prevents glue waste.
NO FLAME NECESSARY. Our manufacturing process leaves no oily residue, so you don’t
have to waste time burning it off before application.
DURABLE. Lasts up to 3 months in high-wear environments.
MADE IN USA. We produce our blocks at our factory in Northern Michigan, so we can keep the
quality high, lead times low, and supply constant.
BI-DIRECTIONAL USE. Can be applied in either direction and on either side.
HANGABLE. Hole incorporated for easy access – use this to hang on a peg or lanyard.
TWO SIZES AVAILABLE. Small (White) & Large (Purple).

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