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Automated Dairy Specialist - Clearwater, NE 4024852655
B&R Dairy Equipment - Winthrop, MN 5073173056
Prairieland Ag Supply - Rock Valley, IA 7124769290
Valley Dairy Supply - Corona, SD 6054325224
Valley Dairy Farm Automation - Rock Valley, IA 7124762781
Central Valley Dairy Supply - Brandon, SD 6054670812

Our commitment to innovation, quality and dairy excellence has made us a leader in the field. Through our extensive global distribution network, both small- and large-scale dairy businesses worldwide benefit from our expertise and full range of milking products.

  • Bulk cooling tanks
  • Automated milking systems
  • Robotic milking systems
  • Full line of sanitation products
  • Route service products
  • Integrated computerized management
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