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DBC Ag Products® specializes in innovative biotechnology solutions that utilize practical research and proven technology to meet agribusiness needs using applied microbiology, enzymology, and immunology.

Our products deliver the broadest range of eubiotics and other novel technologies to help maintain normal digestive health and support a healthy, functioning immune system so you can raise healthy, fast growing calves.

– First Arrival® w/Encrypt® Calf Powder
– First Arrival w/Encrypt Calf Paste
– Last Stand® w/ImmWave® Calf Paste

LIRA GOLD®, a division of the Daniel Baum Company, offers high quality health and productivity solutions for dairy producers to raise healthy, high performing and productive livestock.

For over 20 years, dairy producers have been successfully using LIRA GOLD products to meet their breeding, transition, fresh cow, heifer grow-out and calf raising goals.

Our products are developed utilizing high quality, natural ingredients in innovative formulations that utilize a broad range of probiotics, yeasts, enzymes, appetitive stimulants, electrolytes, vitamins, proteinated minerals and other ingredients to maximize health and productivity.

Over the years, LIRA GOLD customers, including registered and commercial herds, have used our products to help raise healthy fast-growing calves, support cows post-freshening, increase feed intake and milk production as well as preserve forage quality with our silage inoculants.

We use only the highest quality ingredients that are formulated to deliver results.

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