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The Batch Box is a hydraulically raised and lowered side-dump box powered by an electric motor and controlled via remote control. Serving as a temporary location to place batches of feed, the Batch Box reduces the amount of time spent running a loader between feed ingredients and a waiting feed truck. Instead of the feed truck waiting on the loader, the ingredients for a batch of feed can be placed inside the Batch Box while the feed truck is off distributing its current load. By the time the feed truck returns to refill, the loader will have had time to fill the Batch Box with all the feed ingredients. Dumping the accumulated feed batch into the feed truck can be done in 20 to 30 seconds, as opposed to waiting for the loader to fetch each individual ingredient. Currently, the Batch Box is offered in two sizes: the BB900 and BB1100 HD. The Batch Box is designed to eliminate one to two feed trucks, saving time and money. With less idle time on the payloader, cattle get their feed faster and more consistently

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