1880 County Farm Drive
Naperville, IL 60563


GEA Farm Technologies is a division of the GEA Group, an international technology company that is one of the largest suppliers for the food processing industry around the world. We focus on milking and cooling technology for both robotic and conventional systems, herd management expertise through the latest software developments, udder care and cleaning products to maintain cow and facility hygiene, along with a full range of manure management equipment that can be fully customized for each individual farm.

We also provide first-class education and training to our extensive dealership network so that they can provide the best in local service and support to dairy farms, helping to harvest the highest quality milk at the most economical operating efficiency.

Whether designing new dairy facilities, managing an existing dairy farm, making advancements in automation or seeking ground-breaking technologies to improve herd management, GEA can cover every inch of a dairy with the knowledge and equipment dairy producers need. From the milking center to the manure pit and every connecting aspect in between, GEA knows dairies inside and out.

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