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Nate Goeldi 507-271-1718
Alex Pletsch 612-979-8384
Heidi Hall 563-543-6583
Bryan Horn, PAS 330-206-6587
Irene Brown-Crowder, Ph.D. 717-809-3579
Elliot Neto, Ph.D. 403-700-9531
Fei Sun, Ph.D., PAS 509-330-6111
Zeno Hubbert, Ph.D. 970-966-3849
Victor Malacco 765-701-5872
Jared Bramer 765-309-1612

Kemin is the science behind healthier cattle. Since 1961, Kemin has used advanced molecular science to develop industry-leading solutions for optimal gut health, ruminant nutrition and feed quality. It’s just one of the ways we sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80% of the world with our 500+ ingredients, which are all backed by technical, lab and product support teams. This ensures you have a partnership where you get the most out of every product. #TheScienceBehind

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