1080 County Rd F West
MS 5380
Shoreview , MN 55126



Jeff Jackson - CROPLAN by Winfield United 6056901142
Melissa Holtz - Land O' Lakes Animal Milk Solutions 3202674993
Mark Halbakken - LOL Dairy Member Relations 2188492954
Jake Reed - Purina Animal Nutrition 3204290983
Randy Welch - CROPLAN by Winfield United 6082063859

In 1921, 320 dairy farmers met in St. Paul, Minnesota, to form the Minnesota Cooperative Creameries Association. Their idea was simple: Join together to effectively market and distribute members’ dairy production across the country. Today, our four businesses (spanning the whole agricultural system!) give us a farmer-to-fork view of agriculture. And paired with our co-op ownership model, we’re uniquely qualified to fulfill our purpose of feeding human progress.

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