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Greensburg , KS 67054



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We are located 7.5 miles north of Greensburg, Kansas, Morning Star Farms is family owned and operated farm. the success of Morning Star Farms is attributed to the combination of family effort & values, our many key talent3ed employees and associates and the reliance on the Lord’s guidance and blessings. We are blessed with an abundant underground aquifer and are primarily a center pivot irrigated farm. We specialize in producing irrigated corn and alfalfa. Our high quality irrigated alfalfa averages five cuttings per year and the majority is either shedded or tarped. In order to better serve our customers we offer:

  1. Weed free fields
  2. Timely harvesting
  3. Variety of sizes 4×4, 3×4, 3 string, round or ground mix
  4. FOB on your trucks
  5. Hey delivered
  6. Contracted hay deals

We also provide straw as feed or bedding. Please stop by our booth to discuss your needs.

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