Rick Kreykes 712-308-4728
Stephen Emanuele, PhD 585-690-1398

Phileo by Lesaffre is committed to delivering animal health and performance solutions based on live yeasts, bacteria and yeast products that contribute to food safety and the responsible use of antibiotics, including:

  • Improvements in digestibility and bioavailability, for better feed efficacy and performance
  • Cost-effective nutritional alternatives, providing substitutes for unsustainable or limited feed sources
  • Control of the risk associated with bacterial toxins and mycotoxins through binding and detoxification
  • Enhancement of immune response and digestive health in preventive management
  • Reduction of pathogen pressure to help limit the risk of antibiotic resistance
  • Optimization of physiological mechanisms against stress, to support animal welfare.

In every country, Phileo by Lesaffre progress is led by the most advanced science as well as practical on-farm experience.

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