1482 200th Ave
PO Box 311
Lake Benton, MN 56149


I’m Rick Peterson, founder of PowerLift Hydraulic Doors. My wife Patti and I have built PowerLift’s sterling reputation through unwavering commitment to innovation, quality and customer service.

I started a welding shop in Lake Benton, Minnesota, in 1988 and introduced North America’s first production line of hydraulic doors in 1992.

Our PowerLift design soon became the gold standard in aviation, agriculture, commercial and architectural doors. Rapid expansion led to construction of a much larger shop. PowerLift door inquiries began coming in from all over North America.

Realizing that it is impossible for one manufacturing facility to offer local installation, service and support across a continent, we entered a new expansion phase.

We found other steel fabricators who share our customer-centered quality and service ideals. Instead of a single production point, PowerLift now has 37 manufacturing and service centers across North America.

Our single-source, accountability business model means every PowerLift location offers professional design, sales, manufacturing, delivery, installation and support.

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